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Chicago Reader:  Best of Chicago 2016
“Best Established Visual Artist 2016: Amuse126”
“Best Street Artist 2016: Amuse126)

Rolling Stone Magazine: 5 Cool Things to Discover in Chicago
August 9th, 2016
“The street art scene continues to thrive thanks to the Wabash Arts Corridor’s ever-changing collection of murals from local and international artists, including Ben Eine, Amuse 126, Czr Prz and Eduardo Kobra.”
Read more Megamall Transformed into Street Art For Its Last Days
June 1, 2016
“It was a rare chance to paint a massive and prominent wall along Milwaukee Avenue, according to Amuse 126, the artist who curated the mural project. Amuse 126, a well-known graffiti artist whose work recently was featured in the Wabash Arts Corridor mural project, brought together 25 artists to paint the blocklong brick building.”
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Bizarre Beyone Belief Magazine: Amuse126 – Mural for Big Walls Chicago
May 16th, 2016
“Graffiti artist Amuse126 is always killing it on the streets and recently he went bigger than ever on a new wall for the Big Walls Festival. The Chicago native used an aerial lift to paint an intense monochromatic graffiti inspired mural near the tracks of the CTA.”
Read More The South Loop is About To Get A Mural-Filled Makeover
April 28th, 2016
“Columbia College alumni and Chicago artists will be joined by artists from Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, the Netherlands and Italy. Among the Chicago-based cohort are well known graffiti artists such as Amuse 126, who’s known for his elaborately colorful tags”
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Chicago Tribune: Justin Bieber search for Graffiti in Chicago
November 3rd, 2015
“The mural, by Chicago artist Amuse 126, represents “Been You,” the 14th track on the deluxe edition of Bieber’s new album.”
Read More Chicago’s Own: AMUSE 126
July 20th, 2015
“The people of Chicago know AMUSE 126. Some admire him, others take issue with his line of work, but they all respect him. Much like Al Capone and Bugs Moran before him, AMUSE 126 has become infamous in the windy city. Turning a life of crime into bonafide celebrity is rare, but so are the talents of this particular writer. AMUSE and his gang have taken to the streets to stake their claim on what they believe to be theirs, and in this case that means everything. “
Read More The Addictive World of Amuse 126
March 11th, 2015
“Street artist Amuse 126 refers to one word to describe his work as a graffiti writer: “addictive.” Bold, vibrant, and visually intoxicating, his pieces recall traditional elements made modern by arresting color and effortless movement. He’s no newbie, yet he’s far from stale… after 15 years on the scene, his art is as fresh and impactful as ever. We’ve got the proof: armed with spray paint, Amuse 126 showed up at Threadless last month, setting a once bare warehouse wall on visual fire. Eager to learn about Amuse 126 see more of his work? Lucky for you, you’re in the right spot.”
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Timeout Chicago: The state of graffiti street art in Chicago
February 22nd, 2015
“We have purposes to why we do it, and even if we don’t have a purpose, we’re doing it,” said Amuse. “It’s fun and creative. People are intrigued by an unframed picture. It’s infused in adverting, it’s in everyone’s faces. It’s not meant to have an understanding. We all push ourselves to what we see as our purpose for it.”
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Juxtapoz Magazine (Numerous Features)
“Amuse 126 appears to have been keeping busy painting plenty of spots recently.”
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